Mohamed, 23 years old.
I was born Amazigh but living multi identity.
Technical training, artistic vocation.
I write to know, that's all.
Barcelona, Spain

  • Islamophobic: their Koran permits them to beat their wives...
  • Me: Yes it does but could you tell me what with?
  • Islamophobic: ...
  • Me: A blade of grass, I don't know the last time you tried to beat someone with a blade of grass but it is pretty damn impossible, you must look at the people the Qur'an was revealed to, the Arabs at that time (just like most of the world) would beat their wives brutally. To tell them they couldn't beat their wives would have caused rebellion, so Allah (swt) being the greatest of planners, revealed it in a way that was so clever. It permitted them to beat their wives (as not to cause rebellion) however only with a blade of grass (which we all know to be impossible). Then the most beautiful line came saying but surely it is better for you to forgive, do you see now that the Qur'an does not permit the brutal beating of wives which in that time would have saved the lives of many women. Also I suggest you look at the rights of a wife over her husband, then tell me my religion is sexist.
  • I can't believe this is still getting loads of notes, this has to be my most successful post ever.


lo que se dice pobres,
son los que no tienen tiempo para perder el tiempo.
lo que se dice pobres,
son los que son siempre muchos y están siempre solos.
lo que se dice pobres,
son los que nos saben que son pobres.”

Eduardo Galeano (Patas Arriba)


"Tal vez fue la locura la que me impulsó a viajar. Puede que fuera la locura. Yo decía que había sido la cultura. Claro que la cultura a veces es la locura, o comprende la locura. Tal vez fue el desamor el que me impulsó a viajar. Tal vez fue un amor excesivo y desbordante. Tal vez fue la locura." 

Roberto Bolaño (Amuleto)

  • Atheist: So how do you know Islam is right?
  • Me: Because even if I die, and find out there is no heaven, or no God, I could still look back on my life and be happy with the way this religion taught me to live.
Fixing your relationship with Allah necessitates fixing your relationships with those around you. Take initiative and take the first step. Nouman Ali khan (via islamicrays)
Ramadan is not just about abstaining from food, drink and marital relations. Try to make yourself a better person this Ramadan. Even if it’s a small improvement, make that change! And we ALL have a lot to change. (via islamicrays)
Talk with your daughters, Play with your sons. You need to be a better friend to them than anyone else. This society offers lots of evil friends. Before they make those kinds of friends, they need to find their best friend in you. Nouman Ali Khan
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